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Health & Safety

Working Together to ensure Safe and Efficient Deliveries

We are constantly looking at ways to keep everyone safe and reduce any risk of injury to our employees and our customers. Our recent accident analysis shows that the vast majority of injuries and accidents that happen to our delivery crews occur at the point of delivering into cellars. We want to work with you to significantly reduce these accidents and injuries so that we can all work safely. With this in mind, we have reviewed our delivery point hazard process.

If the dray crew do notice something that is a potential safety hazard, they are now instructed to notify and record anything of concern so it can be assessed and corrected.

Delivery Point Hazard Process

  • Crews will identify any delivery hazards at your premises during deliveries.
  • They will bring this to your attention by completing a Hazard Notification Form and present you with a copy.
  • The notification will explain that for high risk hazards all deliveries will be to the nearest safe point until the hazard is removed to ensure accidents are avoided.
  • They will log the hazard at the depot and at this point a process of assessment and corrective action planning will begin.
  • As part of this process you will be contacted by the depot to agree what corrective actions need to be taken to make the working environment safe.
  • The notification will be copied to Shepherd Neame to enable us to track remedial action.
  • Your Business Development Manager will also be informed so that he can track progress.
  • If after 28 days the hazard has not been rectified a follow up letter will be issued to you (and Shepherd Neame) to remind you that any future deliveries will have to be made to the nearest safe point until the hazard has been rectified.

We would like to reiterate that whilst most hazards are not serious, they do need attention, and this process should protect both the crews and your staff moving forward.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Business Development Manager or the Customer Services team on 01795 597000 if you have any questions about the process highlighted above.