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Customer Charter

KN Drinks Logistics is committed to providing you with the highest levels of service at all times and this is outlined in this Charter.

In order to achieve this, we would also ask for your assistance in certain areas to enable your delivery to be completed successfully and safely which are also included in the Charter.

  • We will take responsibility, when dealing with your issue reported via your call centre, making sure we do whatever is needed to answer your query.
  • We will attempt to advise you of any significant issues or delays with regards to your delivery as soon as we are aware of them or alert your call centre to help us do the same
  • We will monitor our performance against our customer service standards to continually improve the service we offer.
  • Please advise your call centre of any changes to contact details to ensure we maintain effective communication with regards to future deliveries.


  • We will endeavour to ensure all core products which are available in our warehouse are delivered to you.
  • We will deliver your standard order to you within a pre-defined time window and attempt to call you if circumstances hinder this
  • We will deliver your order to your cellar or designated area as per the risk assessment.  The Risk assessment for your premises can be made available.
  • We will collect empty containers from you on a one for one basis as a minimum.  Please request an uplift note for larger quantities of empties via your call centre
  • For larger quantities of empties for collection we will plan to collect these within 14 days
  • We will collect ullage from your premises as per the ullage request note provided to us. We will plan to collect your ullage container within 14 days
  • Please do not ask the Dray crew to take ullage without a request note as it will not be able to be processed and may hinder applying any credit due
  • We will note any delivery discrepancies e.g. shortage or damage at the point of delivery and ask you to sign to agree to this
  • The crew will be courteous and polite and if requested, will call ahead to advise ETA approximately 30 mins before delivery time.
  • The crew will wait up to 15 minutes if access to the property is not available on arrival

Customer Responsibilities

  • We need an authorised person to be available to accept and check your delivery and sign any documentation; otherwise your order may be returned to the warehouse for future delivery 48 hours later, which will be on an all day time window.
  • Could you do your upmost to ensure that access to your premises is not obstructed as the crew may not be able to complete the delivery.
  • We need you to ensure that access to your cellar and kegs to be returned are free from obstruction – for their own safety, please do not ask the crew to negotiate or remove obstacles.
  • To enable empty collections could you segregate your empty kegs ready for collection.
  • If you have signed a ‘Left on Premise’ or ‘Key Drop’ agreement, the dray crew will leave your order in the designated area.
  • You will be provided with a delivery note for your order. Please check that the correct products, quantity and best before dates have been delivered and are not damaged before signing for your order. Please could we ask that you write the time next to your signature
  • In order to rectify delivery issues we need you to make the customer services team aware of any issues within 72 hours of delivery which were not recorded at the time of delivery.
  • For ullage you have reported, you will be provided with an Ullage uplift request note to be signed.  It is important you check that the correct products and quantity are recorded before signing for your order. To enable collections please can you ensure your Ullage is segregated and is easily accessible. .
  • We need your help to ensure your premises are free from hazards and debris in order to enable the crew to make the delivery safely – The Cellar Hazard Notification process will inform you of any hazards observed and this may require your order to be left at the nearest safe place until the hazard is removed. The dray will leave you with a Hazard notification report should this occur.

Examples of Hazards:  Broken cellar skids, broken cellar flaps, missing pads, cellar lighting not working, pets not restrained etc.