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Meet the Team

Claire Illman

Trade Customer Relations Manager

Claire manages the customer services team and is responsible for the smooth running of the department and service level they offer. A recent joiner who is already making big changes.

Richard King

Customer Service & Logistics Manager

Richard is responsible for the service our customer sees from both the Customer Service Team and our Logistics partner. You’ll find him fighting for the customer in a warehouse somewhere.

Pub Team

Ann Checksfield

Customer Services Advisor

Ann’s primary role is as part of the order processing team. Other than processing pub customer orders she is on hand to help with any product questions our customers have.
With many years’ experience in the team there’s not many questions she can’t answer.

Josephine Bedford

Customer Services Advisor

Shepherd Neame Customer Services

Jo has been in the CS team for many years and like Ann is also hard to catch out. 

Vicky Hilton

Customer Services Advisor

Vicky is the newest member of the order processing team but has already built some good rapport with many of our pubs out there.


Carol Kimber

Customer Services Advisor

Carol handles all of our national customer order processing and any delivery queries. Not a mean feat for just one person. She does it admirably and smiling.


Fiona Bunting

Export Administrator

Fiona is our guru for all things export. With a desk surrounded by paperwork and forms she navigates the complex path of export shipping. If you need something complicated to do go to her.