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The Company

Shepherd Neame is Britain’s Oldest Brewer, based in Kent since 1698. It is a family business with strong family involvement and a balance of Neame family members and non-family members on the Board of Directors. 

The Company brews, markets and distributes its own beers to national and export customers under a range of highly successful brand names including traditional classics such as Spitfire and Bishops Finger as well as more recent brands, such as Whitstable Bay, Five Grain Premium Lager, Bear Island East Coast Pale Ale and Orchard View Cider.

The Company also has partnerships with Singha, Thailand’s original beer and US craft beers Samuel Adams Boston Lager and Angry Orchard Hard Cider.

Company Overview

The Company owns and operates 322 high quality pubs and hotels throughout the South East of England, the majority of which are freehold sites. These pubs are a mixture of 239 tenanted, 70 managed operations, and 13 free of tie pubs, where the Company’s beer products are sold alongside wine and food and a growing accommodation business with 294 letting rooms in the managed estate. Our pubs provide numerous jobs and are important assets in their local communities.

The Company also owns various unlicensed properties and small landholdings, the largest of which is the 34 acre residual holding of the Queen Court farm in Ospringe near Faversham, where hop farming was carried out until 1986, and a separate 9 acre holding on the edge of Faversham. 

Company Information

Issuer Name: Shepherd Neame Limited
Incorporated: 1914, in England under the registered number 138256
The Company is subject to the Companies Act 2006
VAT No.: GB472781717
Registered Office: 17 Court Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7AX
Main country of trading: United Kingdom



Computershare Investor Services plc
P.O. Box 82
The Pavilions
Bridgwater Road
Bristol BS99 6ZZ
Tel: 0370 702 0003
Dedicated Shareholder Number Tel: 0370 707 1291

Deloitte LLP
2 New Street Square
London EC4A 3BZ

Peel Hunt LLP 
Moor House
120 London Wall
London EC2Y 5ET

Travers Smith LLP
10 Snow Hill
London EC1A 2AL


Instinctif Partners
65 Gresham Street
London EC2V 7NQ
Tel: 020 7457 20250

National Westminster Bank plc
13 Market Place
Kent ME13 7EF


Peel Hunt LLP 
Moor House
120 London Wall
London EC2Y 5ET

JP Morgan Cazenove Limited
25 Bank Street
Canary Wharf
London E14 5JP

James Sharp & Co
The Exchange
5 Bank Street
Lancashire BL9 0DN


Shepherd Neame Limited currently has in issue 14,857,500 ordinary shares, each with a nominal value of 50 pence.
Shepherd Neame ordinary shares are admitted to trading on the NEX Exchange Growth Market. Shares admitted to trading on the NEX Exchange Growth Market are qualifying investments for stocks and shares ISAs.
The Company's ordinary shares are admitted as a participating security on the CREST clearing system.

The Company operates three share-based payment schemes and satisfies the exercise of options by buying ordinary shares in the market. One is the Shepherd Neame Employee Share Incentive Plan (SIP), open to all employees with 18 months service at the award date. A free award of ordinary shares, based on length of service and salary and subject to a maximum of £3,600, was made to all eligible employees in all years from 2003 to 2018 with the exception of 2009. Participants are entitled to these free shares from three years after the date of the award if they remain in the Company’s employment. The number of ordinary shares in this scheme outstanding at 29 June 2019 was 128,605 and the number of ordinary shares distributable at this date was 75,168.  As the exercise of these options is satisfied by buying ordinary shares in the market there will be no dilution for existing shareholders on exercise.

The other two schemes are the Shepherd Neame 2005 Restricted Share Scheme and Shepherd Neame 2015 Restricted Share Scheme. The latter replaced the 2005 scheme following its cessation in 2015. Both schemes are for Senior Managers and Directors, including the highest paid Director and three other Directors. The schemes provide for the grant of primary and secondary share options, which are exercisable three years after the date of the award. The secondary options are awarded if the Company achieves certain performance criteria in relation to growth in underlying earnings per share, net asset value per share, dividend growth and total shareholder return. The number of ordinary shares in the 2005 scheme outstanding at 29 June 2019 was 2,141; all of which are exercisable at this date. The number of ordinary shares in the 2015 scheme outstanding at 29 June 2019 was 167,999 and the number of options over ordinary shares exercisable at this date is 11,098. As the exercise of all options is satisfied by buying ordinary shares in the market there will be no dilution for existing shareholders on exercise. 

The percentage of ordinary shares in public hands at 29 June 2019 was 74% as defined in accordance within NEX Exchange Growth Market rules (being all ordinary shares not held by related parties (including directors and their family and connected persons), relevant employees and persons (or persons acting in concert) who have an interest in 5% or more of the relevant shares).

The interests of substantial shareholders in the issued share capital (over 3% of ordinary shares) of the Company, as notified to the Company at 29 June 2019, are:

Name Number of ordinary shares % of issued share capital
Rulegale Nominees Limited 1,550,296 10.43
Luna Nominees Limited 1,044,299 7.03
Lion Nominees Limited 954,402 6.42
M T Bolan 468,662 3.15

Articles of Association

The Company's Articles of Association are available on request from The Company Secretary, 17 Court Street, Faversham, Kent, ME13 7AX or by email.


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