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Orchard View

Orchard View Apple Cider

Orchard View is a collaboration between Britain’s oldest brewer and oldest family-owned cidermaker, Aspall, whose expert craftsmanship has been refined over centuries and handed down through generations.

Orchard View contains a blend of each of the different styles of apple: sweet, sour and bittersweet including varieties such as Gala, Braeburn, Jonagold, Katy, Cox, Russett, Windsor, and Bramley which all help to give Orchard View its unique flavour profile.

Orchard View Apple Cider is suitable for vegans and gluten free.

Nutritional & Allergen Information

Clear mid golden in colour, Orchard View Apple Cider is lightly sparkling with a fresh bittersweet apple aroma and characteristic smoky cedar wood notes.

A harmonious palate is suffused with a gentle creamy sweetness, making it medium to full in body, with a lingering taste of fresh crisp apple and a long and dry finish.

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CYCLOPS rating

Pale Straw

Bitter/Sweet Apple

Crisp Apple




Bottle 4.5

Draught 4.5


Bottle 500ml

2.3UK Units

Can Not available

Draught Pint

2.6UK Units