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Posted: 23rd December 2016

Kick off the New Year with two limited edition beers from Shepherd Neame.

Britain’s oldest brewer, based in Faversham, Kent, is releasing India Pale Ale (4.5% ABV) on keg for the first time in January, along with Hog Island East Coast Pale Ale (4.8% ABV) on cask.

India Pale Ale is one of Shepherd Neame’s oldest beers, first brewed in 1870. The beer style’s origins are rooted in the creation of a heavily hopped, high alcohol beer that would withstand the rigours of arduous journeys to the colonies.

Shepherd Neame’s India Pale Ale is hopped at three stages of the boil, with two varieties of Kentish hops – Fuggles and East Kent Goldings – resulting in a full-bodied, malty amber ale, with a distinctive, heavily hopped bitterness and a fresh, spicy aroma.

Hog Island East Coast Pale Ale was conceived in Shepherd Neame’s pilot brewery earlier this year, and is part of the No.18 Yard Brewhouse collection, an experimental range of limited edition ales.

The American-style beer derives its name from an area of the brewery site that was previously a small island in the town’s creek, which has become landlocked over the years.

The brew eschews Shepherd Neame’s tradition for using Kentish hops, instead opting for American hops Boadicea, Amarillo and Cascade. These have been combined with pale ale and crystal malts to create a deep golden beer boasting citrus, pine and fruit aromas melded with light caramel notes and a robust bitterness.

India Pale Ale and Hog Island East Coast Pale Ale will be available on keg and cask nationwide throughout January and February.