Management - Training & Support

As a Manager with Shepherd Neame, your abilities, experience, personality and views will be valued and rewarded. The company's carefully structured personal development plan ensures that Managers are matched with the right pub for them, installing confidence from the start.

Whether you are working as a Manager, Assistant Manager or Temporary Holding Manager – one who oversees a pub for a short period of time, from three weeks to six months – you can rest assured that you will be helped to maximise your potential.

Training is provided by a dedicated team consisting of Shepherd Neame and external trainers with industry experience. The workshops, where possible, accredit Managers with industry recognised qualifications and Shepherd Neame works closely with awarding bodies such as the British Institute of Innkeeping and Chartered Institute of Environmental Health to ensure its workshops deliver the most up-to-date information.

As a Manager you can work towards a number of qualifications such as the Shepherd Neame course in Beer and Cellar Management, accredited to BII ABCQ level and First Aid. There is also an opportunity for every manager to become a Master of Beer – Shepherd Neame's unique qualification which enhances greater understanding of our ales and lagers, developing the knowledge to promote the products you sell, and ensuring the highest standards in maintaining and serving the perfect pint.

You can rest assured that as a Manager you will receive continual support so you will never be without assistance or guidance, while being allowed to run the pub to the best of your ability. The in-house training team provides induction materials for new employees and advice on individual and team development, while the District Manager will assist in the development of the pub's team and be on hand for regular appraisals and advice.