Manage a pub

As the Manager of a Shepherd Neame pub you will enjoy a highly rewarding career where your contribution will be valued and your efforts supported.

You will be tasked with running the pub in accordance with Shepherd Neame's successful model, while undertaking customer service skills, financial management, marketing, food preparation, leadership and more.

Thanks to a close working relationship with your District Manager, who will provide continued support and on-going training, every Manager is given the opportunity to maximise their potential while they develop a successful business plan for their pub. With so many different styles of pub, every care is taken to match the right Manager with the right venue.

Shepherd Neame encourages its Managers to have a hands-on approach to running the business, using their own personality, flair and enthusiasm, all of which is rewarded with a competitive salary and bonus scheme. Other benefits include a pension and private accommodation in most cases, with Managers paying taxes and contents insurance.