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Missing your favourite pub? We’ve put together the Big Shepherd Neame Easter Pub Quiz to remind you of your favourite local and really put your pub knowledge to the test! 

The Shepherd Neame estate of pubs has an incredible shared history of murder, ghosts, smugglers, highway men, Kings, Queens, bare knuckle boxers, famous admirals and more. 

We’ve put together 50 questions and two picture rounds and will be publishing the answers on Tuesday, to give you a chance to really put your thinking caps on.

We hope you enjoy this quiz - hopefully accompanied by a couple of your favourite Shepherd Neame beers - and can’t wait to see you all again soon.

If you prefer to print your quiz, you can download a Word document here or PDF here.

How did you do? View or download the answers to the quiz here: DOC / PDF


  1. Which of our Surrey pubs was the venue for The Stranglers debut gig in the 1970s?
  2. This Faversham pub featured in the 2013 Channel 4 drama Southcliffe, notably holding a party for the returning troops?
  3. Which pub has Al Murray used to play warm up gigs? 
  4. Which Kent seaside hotel was the setting for the Foster’s Lager 'Digging the Channel Tunnel' advert starring Crocodile Dundee’s Paul Hogan in the 1980s?
  5. In which pub do  Ford and Arthur have beer and peanuts before the world's end in the 1981 TV series Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?


  1. Situated in the quaint village of Chilham near Canterbury, which pub has bedrooms reputed to be haunted by the ‘Grey Lady’, said to be one of the more friendly resident ghosts?
  2. Which historic Canterbury pub is a former hospital and said to be haunted by a nurse and a monk?
  3. Built in Orpington in 1626, which pub has long been thought to be haunted, and once boasted a skull for decoration said to have been unearthed many years ago by a former landlord?
  4. Which pub in Hernhill on the outskirts of Faversham has reported spooky goings-on including an old-fashioned telephone ringing, disembodied footsteps and a full metal beer barrel moving of its own accord?


  1. Pubs in threes - name three Shepherd Neame pubs that have a three in their name?
  2. Which Tenterden pub is named after the local winemaking industry?
  3. Which London pub houses a division bell for the Houses of Parliament? (It has also welcomed guests including Rupert Murdoch, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Desmond Tutu.)
  4. Can you name five Shepherd Neame pubs with a fruity theme?
  5. Renowned Chelsea Flower Show designer Julian Dowle created a Chelsea Pensioners-themed garden titled ‘Soldiers Dream of Blighty’ in the garden of which Kentish village inn?
  6. What is The Limes pub in Faversham named after?
  7. Can you name the acclaimed Head Chef at our Michelin-starred pub The Sportsman in Seasalter near Whitstable?
  8. The former Union Arms in London's Haymarket is now named after which Boxing World Champion?
  9. The Blue Flag beach in Birchington is overlooked by which Shepherd Neame pub?
  10. Which contemporary Shepherd Neame bar is situated on the former site of a nuclear refit centre in Chatham Maritime?
  11. A recent Shepherd Neame acquisition, historic Soho pub Molly Moggs is now known as...?
  12. Which of our pubs in Kent are you most likely to be visiting when your phone provider believes you are in France? 


  1. Which London pub is named after a female character from Charles Dickens' 1850 novel David Copperfield? 
  2. Named after a famous diarist, this London pub boasts spectacular views from its unique riverside location on the north bank of the Thames?
  3. Author of The Railway Children, Edith Nesbit, was a regular visitor to this riverside pub in the village of Yalding?
  4. Which of our Surrey pubs features in Charles Dickens’ novel Little Dorrit?
  5. Name the 15th century coaching inn mentioned in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, located in Boughton on the outskirts of Faversham?


  1. Which of our hotels, overlooking Tankerton Beach, served as a military hospital during the Second World War?
  2. Which East End pub was used as a creche by the suffragettes during WWI?
  3. Which pub in Hastings Old Town was originally a cobblers shop until 1953?
  4. Which Tenterden pub is named after a famous local resident who set up Britain's first press at Westminster in 1476?
  5. Which country pub was the base of the "Aldington Gang", an infamous band of smugglers who roamed the marshes and shores of Kent and is now reputedly home to the ghost of George Ransley, a bygone smuggler?
  6. Which pub was built during the reign of Charles II in the year 1683 by Thomas Gimmit, Master Builder of the city of Rochester, using the timbers he had purchased from Rochester Castle?
  7. Which Faversham pub, built in 1605, was the very first Shepherd Neame pub and reputed to be the base from which Admiral Lord Nelson recruited and paid his crew?
  8. Built in the 1660s, which pub was built following the building of Upnor Castle (which was built to protect the Anchorage at Chatham Dockyards)?
  9. Which pub in Whitechapel sits on the site of the old Half Moon Theatre?
  10. Which pub in the Surrey village of Banstead was destroyed by a bomb on 8th August 1944 and subsequently rebuilt?
  11. The Old Doctor Butler's Head is an historic pub in the heart of the City of London. It is named after the physician William Butler, a doctor at the court of James I. Among other 'miracle cures', Dr Butler developed a medicinal ale to cure which ailment?
  12. Which of our ales shares the same name as one of our oldest pubs located in Canterbury, and also one of our London pubs near Smithfield Market?
  13. Which pub is the sole surviving building of a former Victorian fishing village on the outskirts of Herne Bay?
  14. Visited by Queen Anne in 1704, this Lenham inn still has her coat of arms above the door?
  15. Can you name the Kent pub built on an emergency landing area used in the First World War?
  16. This London pub was on the edge of the Great Fire of London – can you name it?
  17. In 1863 The Football Association was founded in which London pub?
  18. Name the inn Queen Elizabeth I stayed at during her visit to an historic Wealden market town in 1573?
  19. This pub was London's first coffee house, opening in 1652?
  20. Which pub was the clubhouse for one of Kent's first cricket grounds?


  1. Which of our pubs has a pet parrot named Bob who is partial to the odd chip?
  2. Can you name five Shepherd Neame pubs with a bird theme?
  3. Which Kent pub is home to a zoo?
  4. Which Canterbury pub was previously called Simple Simon's?