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Food Heroes - Salad


Stephen Betts is the fourth generation to run his family’s farm in the picturesque village of Offham in Kent.

Laurence J Betts Ltd grows 22 million lettuces and produces 1,800 tonnes of baby leaf each year.

Stephen said: “People know about the provenance of our produce, as we are such a longstanding business in the area. And our produce can be picked this morning and on your plate tomorrow. That freshness is just one of the benefits of buying local.”

Much of the work is done by hand, including guiding the seed planting, cutting the lettuces, weighing the salad and hand-bagging all lettuces.

One of the farm’s major clients is Maidstone wholesaler R J Kingsland & Son which supplies Shepherd Neame. 

Stephen said: “It is a very satisfying job as we get to sow it, grow it, harvest it, sell it and then see it on the plate in a pub. If I’m eating out, I can spot our lettuce immediately.”