Tenancy FAQ

Let us answer some of the questions you may have about running a tenancy. If you have more, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is a Tenancy agreement?

A: This is an agreement between a person who rents a brewery-owned public house from the brewery, while carrying on business as a self-employed licensee.

How long does a tenancy agreement last?

A: It is a rolling three-year agreement. Should you wish to leave, you would need to give the company six months’ written notice.

Do I need to have run or worked in a pub in order to apply for a tenancy?

A: No, although previous experience is useful. Shepherd Neame seeks enthusiastic, committed people with a flair for hospitality and good business sense.

How often is the rent reviewed?

A: A three-yearly rent review allows you to plan and invest for the future. The rent is also reviewed when any developments are carried out.

Are all Shepherd Neame pubs the same?

A: Not at all. Shepherd Neame prides itself on offering a range of pubs, from historic village inns to busy High Street venues. Some specialise in food, others in accommodation, though all aim to serve the perfect pint.

Is any assistance provided if I wish to refurbish my pub?

A: A matched investment scheme can be considered and allows tenants to benefit from a contribution towards their pub's refurbishment and improvement. Any structural changes are carried out by the brewery.
Who values the fixtures and fittings?

A: You will need to employ a broker to do this on your behalf.

Who is responsible for the decoration?

A: Shepherd Neame is responsible for the external redecoration of the property. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility for the internal decoration for various parts of the premises.

What training will I need before taking a pub?

A: We require all first-time Licensees to pass the Pre-Entry Awareness Training Course (PEAT) a minimum of five days before you attend your final shortlist interview with us. You will also need to obtain an APLH (Award for Personal Licence Holders) throughout the recruitment process. All Licensees must pass a Shepherd Neame course in Beer and Cellar Management, accredited to BII ABCQ level.

Training for the new Licensee includes a financial management course, a Level 2 qualification in Food Safety in Catering and a Level 2 qualification in Health and Safety in the Workplace. There is also the a chance for every Licensee to become a Master of Beer – Shepherd Neame's unique qualification which enhances greater understanding of our ales and lagers, developing the knowledge to promote the products you sell, and ensuring the highest standards in maintaining and serving the perfect pint.

Is training available once I have taken on my tenancy?

A: Yes. Shepherd Neame runs workshops on a range of subjects, including customer service, sales and merchandising, liquor and food management. For those who need training in an area not already covered, Shepherd Neame will help them find a suitable course.

What happens to the staff when I take over?

A: When you take over the tenancy, the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) rules apply, meaning that employed staff transfer with the business. They are entitled to work for you under the same terms and conditions that they had with their previous employer. The outgoing tenant should provide you with all details, including rates of pay, hours worked and dates of commencement.

Will I receive help with marketing?

A: Shepherd Neame provides extensive business support and advice which includes marketing, as well as merchandising, training and pub awards.

Will I get help with catering?

A: Yes, Shepherd Neame has a dedicated food development chef who can help you choose the right menu for your pub, assist with pricing, sourcing of ingredients, food presentation tips, marketing ideas and food hygiene advice.

The brewery also has a menu design and printing expert who can help you produce a unique and professional looking menu to add value to your food offer.

You will receive regular newsletters packed with food information, recipes and advice for increasing sales and from time to time will be invited to some of Shepherd Neame’s food-related events including tastings and practical workshops.