Whitstable Bay

The Whitstable Bay Collection is named after the traditional fishing village of Whitstable; renowned for its annual Oyster Festival, village life and unique beaches.

The Faversham Steam Brewery title was originally adopted in the late 18th century, when Shepherd Neame became one of the first steam-powered breweries outside of London. The brewery heavily marketed its introduction of automation, after buying a five horse power engine from steam pioneers Boulton and Watt which powered all processes on site, pairing the revolutionary machinery with superior ingredients, including water from the brewery's own artesian well, to create exceptional beers.

Each beer in the Faversham Steam Brewery's Whitstable Bay Collection has been designed using this ethos to offer a clear, fresh taste that is distinct and refreshing for the discerning consumer.


A full bodied, thirst-quenching ale with a subtle bitterness and glorious grapefruit and pine aromas, offering a light and refreshing taste. more..

Deep russet in colour, Whitstable Bay Red IPA combines the citrus fruit and pine aromas of an IPA with roasted and caramel malt flavours. more..


A light coloured ale, brewed using only organic ingredients, that blends citrusy hops with nutty malt flavours to create a well-defined golden ale. more..


A silky keg stout brewed using a unique blend of four coloured malts, balanced by the finest Admiral hops, and finished with a smooth, creamy head. more..



A contemporary lager offering an enhanced drinking experience through the floral aroma, paired with buttery biscuit base notes. more..