Traditional Ingredients

Beer is the world's third most popular drink after water and tea. It is brewed the world over but the basic ingredients are always the same. Water, a starch source-usually barley- brewer's yeast and a flavouring ingredient such as hops. Some beers add maize, rice or even sugar to their starch source but the finest use malted barley alone.


Water In a brewery, water, when it enters the premises, is called 'liquor'.
All the water we use as liquor is exclusively drawn from our own artesian well.
Faversham sits on a layer of chalk and it's this  chalk that purifies and filters our spring water. Because our brewing process is deemed to be particularly efficient by the Environmental Authority we are now permitted to draw 66 million gallons of water per year from our aquifer.
Once the water is drawn it is 'matched' to ensure its mineral content is identical to the water each beer has originally been brewed with.


BarleyWe are very particular about the barley that we use, only taking grain from East Anglia or grown locally here in Kent. Though the crop is selected by our maltster partners we ensure that we can trace each batch back to the original field. The barley is germinated by the maltster who then roasts it. How darkly the barley is roasted dictates how dark the final beer is.


HopsHops give beer its distinctive dry taste and aroma. We are responsible for the National Hop Collection, a resource where we tend every strain of hop used in the UK in the last 100 years. Our brewers still test the hops we use by hand, rubbing them between their palms to sample their aroma.


YeastWe are equally proud of our expertise in yeast. The yeast we use is cultured by our own microbiologists on site. Some of the strains in our lab have been live for over 40 years. Most breweries use two or three yeast types, we use eight. We use our yeast 8-10 times before it is recycled.