Beer & Nutrition

Barley is rich in silicon, which is good for keeping your bones healthy and reduces the risk of bone decay and osteoporosis. It's a good source of fibre too – some beers contain up to 30% of your recommended daily allowance, and, as well as keeping you regular, fibre helps slow digestion and reduces cholesterol levels.

A glass of beer is particularly rich in B vitamins, and as well as contributing to a healthy diet, may give more protection against heart disease than wines and spirits.

Hops are a natural antibiotic, and have been used over the centuries as a traditional medicine for insomnia and weak stomachs.

Brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins and spent yeast is consumed by the health conscious as a dietary supplement or as a key ingredient of savoury spreads such as Marmite.

Not only that, beer is rich in magnesium and low in calcium which can help prevent kidney stones.