Beer & Calories

Contrary to popular myth, drinking beer in moderation will not give you a "beer belly". In fact, medium-strength beer contains fewer calories than most popular drinks. A 330ml bottle of beer has 130 calories, compared to 220 calories in a Bacardi Breezer, 205 calories in a gin and tonic or 185 in a large glass of white wine.

How beer compares to a range of popular drinks:

Drink Amount Units of alcohol Calories
Alcopop eg Smirnoff Ice 5.5%abv 275ml 1.51 187
Canterbury Jack 3.5%abv Half 1 85
Canterbury Jack 3.5%abv Pint 2 170
Premium lager 5%abv Pint 2.84 244
Cider 5%abv Pint 2.84 250
Large glass Champagne 13%abv 250ml 3 190
Large glass white wine 13%abv 250ml 3.25 185
Large glass red wine 13%abv 250ml 3.25 170