Hops & Heritage

Hops from Kent , England's oldest county and the so called Hop Garden of England.


Flavour and Aroma - Admiral has high flavour notes which are orangery, citrus and herbal.
Bittering Characteristics - Its bittering characteristics cab be best described as assertive and resinous
About this hop - Admiral is a wonderful resinous hop with a relatively high alpha characteristic and excellent dry hop aroma qualities.


Flavour and Aroma - The aroma notes of East Kent Goldings include floral lavender, spice, honey earthy and thyme.
Bittering Characteristics - East Kent Goldings bittering characterisitcs are sweet, smooth and honey like.
About this hop - Synonymous with English Goldings, East Kent Golding is a quintessentially British Hop (developed from the Canterbury Whitebine variety in the late 1700's) and is a dlicous exmaple of the gentle aromas that traditional English hops produce. It is good for bittering and later hopping.


Flavour and Aroma - Target has excellent, intense aromas of sage, citrus and a spicy undertone in flavour.
Bittering Characteristics - Sharp and assertive
About this hop - Target is a robust hop with an excellent, intense aroma, well regarded as an aroma hop for late hopping or dry hopping and used effectively as a bittering hop too.

Core Range

Brand Bittering Hop 1st Late Hop 2nd Late Hop
Spitfire Admiral/Target EK Goldings First Gold
Spitfire Cans Admiral/Target EK Goldings First Gold
Bishops Finger Admiral/Target EK Goldings First Gold
Bishops Finger Cans Admiral/Target EK Goldings First Gold
1698 Admiral Goldings  
Master Brew Admiral/Target Goldings  
Late Red Kent Cascade Goldings  
Christmas Ale Target Goldings Cascade
Sun Lik Challenger Challenger  

Craft Range

BrandBittering Hop1st Late Hop2nd Late Hop
Brilliant Ale BottleUSA Cascade  
India Pale Ale BottleFugglesEK Goldings 
Double StoutEast Kent Goldings  

Faversham Steam Brewery Range

BrandBittering Hop1st Late Hop2nd Late Hop
Whitstable Bay Organic AleOrganic Challenger (German)Organic Traditional (German) 
Whitstable Bay Pale AleTettnang (German)Styrian Goldings (Slovakia) 
Whitstable Bay Blonde LagerChallengerCentennialSaaz (German)