Alongside our core range, there is now a Classic Collection featuring a stout, a golden ale and an IPA, recreated from historic archive recipes.


Brilliant Ale (cask: 4%, bottle: 5.6%)
First brewed between 1825 and 1855, Brilliant Ale is believed to have been inspired by the early morning sun sending golden shafts of light through the brewhouse window on to the oak mash tun.

Brewers decided to create a beer that echoed these hues, and used 100% pale malt and the East Kent Goldings hops to create a golden, brilliantly bright, hoppy ale. While staying true to the spirit of the popular pale ale, the modern incarnation has been rejuvenated by using the modern hop variety Cascade.

ABV - 5.2%
Pack Size - 8x500ml
Pallet Configuration - 126 cases

India Pale Ale (cask: 4.5%, bottle 6.1%)
Hailing from the tradition of 18th Century IPAs, which relied on generous hopping to protect exports during arduous journeys, this modern incarnation retains the strength, body and strong hop character which is synonymous with this beer's provenance.

A glorious showcase of the distinct, heavily hopped beers for which Shepherd Neame is famed, India Pale Ale delivers potent bitterness, offset with generous amounts of pale ale malt to deliver a balanced, yet uncompromising brew.

ABV - 6.1%
Pack Size - 8x500ml
Pallet Configuration -126 cases

Double Stout (cask: 4.0%, bottle: 5.2%)
Double Stout is based on a coded brewers' log that was recently discovered in the brewery archives.

Still created in the UK's last remaining solid oak mash tuns, using East Kent Golding hops, this signature brew is black, creamy and delicious.

ABV - 5.2%
Pack Size - 8x500ml
Pallet Configuration - 126 cases