Generation Ale

Generation Ale launched in 2011 as a limited edition ale hand-crafted to commemorate five generations of Shepherd Neame as an independent family brewery.

With only 3,000 bottles released, Generation Ale boasts a 12-month ageing process resulting in a rich, full-bodied ale to be savoured and enjoyed.  Beautifully packaged in a wooden presentation box, Generation is a collectors’ item and the ultimate gift for ale lovers.

The brewing team behind Spitfire and Bishops Finger has drawn on its collective 150 years’ experience to produce this strictly limited edition ale.

To signify the five generations of the Neame family that have run the brewery, this burnished gold ale combines five classic roasted malts with five of the choicest varieties of traditional Kentish hops. The ingredients are combined with natural chalk-filtered mineral water, drawn from the artesian well deep beneath the Shepherd Neame brew-house, and then brewed in the UK’s last remaining wooden mash tuns. Finally, the beer is aged in a deep maturation process lasting 12 months.  As one of the few ales in the UK to undergo this lengthy ageing process, Generation Ale boasts a rich character, impeccably balanced flavour and a long warming finish.

Generation Ale is presented in a traditional amber bottle, embossed with the Shepherd Neame crook.  Each bottle is hand-wrapped in paper and encased within a wooden box bearing the signature approval of chief executive Jonathan Neame.  With an ABV of 9% and served in a 75cl bottle, the beer is priced at £17.50 and exclusively available from Shepherd Neame. The perfect ale to sip, share and savour with friends, Generation is the ultimate beer from Britain’s oldest brewer.

Beer Information

Generation Ale

750ml bottle


Brewery Shop
Hoop & Grapes, Farringdon

Tasting Notes

The intoxicating bouquet of rich fruit, molasses and Masala wine captivates the senses.

Privileged palates should prepare for a velvety smooth marriage of plump raisins, sultanas and dates to a warm, spicy, peppery hop. This springboard of mouth watering fruit leads to a long, lingering, malty / sweet finish and amazing alcohol warming sensations.
A consumate example of the Brewer's art, this hand crafted gem has benefited from an extended maturation period to fully allow the many, complex characters to reach their peak.

A bottle - conditioned ale that will continue to evolve as it ages. To fully appreciate and savour the delights of this magnificent beer, it should be served at room temperature in your favourite brandy glass.