• Spitfire Coasters - Set of 6


    A set of 6 coasters decorated with a mix of our most popular Spitfire adverts.

  • Bottle of Britain Campaign Book MkII


    A bumper version of the successful Bottle of Britain book, chock-full of tongue-in-cheek Spitfire adverts and more authentic RAF banter. The Bottle of Britain MkII features the best of Spitfire's early adverts plus a whole new crop of humour based around popular sporting events. The Bottle of Britain MkII makes a great gift and will raise yet more money for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

  • Spitfire Sound Effect Bottle Opener


    This special opener, in the characteristic Spitfire Premium Ale colours, makes the iconic sound of a Spitfire engine as the bottle is opened

  • Pewter Tankard


    Pint-sized, individually-boxed pewter tankard engraved with the Shepherd Neame logo.

  • The Emergence of Shepherd Neame Book


    A new book finally confirms an oft-debated topic in British brewing history: who is Britain’s oldest brewer?

  • A selection of beer books...


    Choose from our selection of informative beer books...

  • A selection of boozy books...


    Choose from our selection of booze-related books... send one as a gift to make someone smile, or add a cookbook to your own beer delivery for a little help with your supper!

  • RAF SPITFIRE Silver Plater Keyring


    This silver plated Royal Air Force Spitfire keyring is beautifully presented in a Royal Air Force padded Gift Box showing the RAF Logo.

    Royal Air Force - Official Licensed Products.

  • RAF Spitfire notebook


    A small notebook 14cm high x 12cm wide with lined high white notepaper. Front cover with print of an historical Spitfire painting. Part of the offical RAF licensed range.

  • Whitstable Bay Pale Ale Bar Runner


    Eye-catching bar runner in Bishops Finger design, backed with non-slip rubber.Eye-catching bar runner in Whitstable Bay Pale Ale design, backed with non-slip rubber.

  • Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager Bar Runner


    Eye-catching bar runner in Whitstable Bay Blonde design, backed with non-slip rubber.

  • Samuel Adams Bar Runner


    Samuel Adams Bar Runner

    "For The Love of Beer"

    Create your very own home bar with our selection of bar runners - just like the ones in your local pub.

  • Model of Shepherd Neame 3 wheel Reliant van


    A delightful '00' scale model by Oxford Die-cast of the Shepherd Neame Reliant tricycle van. Specially produced in limited numbers by The Model Shop in Faversham this model is already proving a popular seller to beer collectors, model railway owners and die-cast collectors. 

  • Spitfire Keyring


    Super replica Spitfire on sturdy keyring

  • Hop Pickers Holiday DVD


    In the Garden of England, in bygone times, entire communities relied on hops for their survival. But this sprawling industry also depended on huge numbers of itinerant workers for the few short weeks during harvest time. Thousands of Londoners boarded trains heading south to the hop fields of Kent for a working holiday - a hop picker's holiday.