• Percy Beale Neame and the Shepherd Neame Brewery Book


    This is the third book unravelling the development of Shepherd Neame, and completes a trilogy of books covering a history of nearly 1000 years of brewing in Faversham.  This book is a biography of the first Neame to join the brewery in 1864, and a survey of the business which he developed for nearly 50 years.  It is the remarkable story of a provincial Victorian businessman who found success in the brewing industry.

  • Spitfire Coasters - Set of 6


    A set of 6 coasters decorated with a mix of our most popular Spitfire adverts.

  • Bottle of Britain Campaign Book MkII


    A bumper version of the successful Bottle of Britain book, chock-full of tongue-in-cheek Spitfire adverts and more authentic RAF banter. The Bottle of Britain MkII features the best of Spitfire's early adverts plus a whole new crop of humour based around popular sporting events. The Bottle of Britain MkII makes a great gift and will raise yet more money for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund.

  • Spitfire Sound Effect Bottle Opener


    This special opener, in the characteristic Spitfire Premium Ale colours, makes the iconic sound of a Spitfire engine as the bottle is opened

  • Pewter Tankard


    Pint-sized, individually-boxed pewter tankard engraved with the Shepherd Neame logo.

  • The Emergence of Shepherd Neame Book


    A new book finally confirms an oft-debated topic in British brewing history: who is Britain’s oldest brewer?

  • A selection of beer books...


    Choose from our selection of informative beer books...

  • A selection of boozy books...


    Choose from our selection of booze-related books... send one as a gift to make someone smile, or add a cookbook to your own beer delivery for a little help with your supper!

  • RAF SPITFIRE Silver Plater Keyring


    This silver plated Royal Air Force Spitfire keyring is beautifully presented in a Royal Air Force padded Gift Box showing the RAF Logo.

    Royal Air Force - Official Licensed Products.

  • RAF Spitfire notebook


    A small notebook 14cm high x 12cm wide with lined high white notepaper. Front cover with print of an historical Spitfire painting. Part of the offical RAF licensed range.

  • Whitstable Bay Pale Ale Bar Runner


    Eye-catching bar runner in Bishops Finger design, backed with non-slip rubber.Eye-catching bar runner in Whitstable Bay Pale Ale design, backed with non-slip rubber.

  • Whitstable Bay Blonde Lager Bar Runner


    Eye-catching bar runner in Whitstable Bay Blonde design, backed with non-slip rubber.

  • Samuel Adams Bar Runner


    Samuel Adams Bar Runner

    "For The Love of Beer"

    Create your very own home bar with our selection of bar runners - just like the ones in your local pub.

  • Bottleclocks - genuine Shepherd Neame clocks


    Superb Shepherd Neame branded beer bottle clocks

    These fabulous Bottleclocks are upcycling at its very best. Each Bottleclock is made from a genuine bottle and label, with a convenient hook for wall hanging.

    Perfect for a gift, or just because it's beer o'clock!

    Can't see the design you'd like?  Call us to check availability - 01795 542014

  • Model of Shepherd Neame 3 wheel Reliant van


    A delightful '00' scale model by Oxford Die-cast of the Shepherd Neame Reliant tricycle van. Specially produced in limited numbers by The Model Shop in Faversham this model is already proving a popular seller to beer collectors, model railway owners and die-cast collectors.