• Shepherd Neame Jute Bag


    Go green with this re-usable, 1698 branded hessian Jute Bag.

  • Asahi Bottle Cooler


    The Asahi beer cooler is a unique device that is capable of chilling bottles, including Asahi to the perfect drinking temperature in just 3.5minutes.

  • Angry Orchard Bar Runner


  • Asahi Bottle Opener


  • Samuel Adams Bottle Opener


  • Masterbrew Bar Runner


  • Whitstable Bay USB Stick


  • Whitstable Bay Collection Bar Runner


  • Whitstable Bay Bottle Opener


  • Spitfire Pencil Sharpener


    A top quality pencil sharpener that will take pride of place on any desk! 

  • Bishops Finger Bar Towel


    Bishops Finger Kentish Strong Ale is a connoisseur's beer with excellent credentials. It takes its name from the finger-shaped signposts which pointed pilgrims on their way to the tomb of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury and was the first strong ale to be brewed by Shepherd Neame after malt rationing was eased in the late 1950s.

    This 100% cotton bar towel is excellent whether mopping up spills at the bar or dabbing your brow in the gym, it is a truly versatile product.
    Measuring 47cm x 25cm. 

  • The History of Shepherd Neame - The Books of John Owen


    This trilogy of books by John Owen, brewery archivist and historian, explores in detail the history of Shepherd Neame.

    The first book, The Shepherds of Shepherd Neame, presents a detailed account of how a family business was built up, and prospered through the financial challenges it faced.  It also presents a detailed account of the business of brewing in East Kent, in Georgian and mid Victorian times. 

  • Percy Beale Neame and the Shepherd Neame Brewery Book


    This is the third book unravelling the development of Shepherd Neame, and completes a trilogy of books covering a history of nearly 1000 years of brewing in Faversham.  This book is a biography of the first Neame to join the brewery in 1864, and a survey of the business which he developed for nearly 50 years.  It is the remarkable story of a provincial Victorian businessman who found success in the brewing industry.

  • The Emergence of Shepherd Neame Book


    A new book finally confirms an oft-debated topic in British brewing history: who is Britain’s oldest brewer?

  • Samuel Adams Bar Runner


    Samuel Adams Bar Runner

    "For The Love of Beer"

    Create your very own home bar with our selection of bar runners - just like the ones in your local pub.