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Late Red

A complex and richly flavoured premium ale

Late Red Autumn Splendour Ale has been triple-hopped to create a full-flavoured treat for beer lovers.

Expert brewers have hand-crafted this complex and richly flavoured premium ale from the finest Kentish hops, barley and mineral water, forging a perfect balance between rich, dark malt flavours and a strong robust hoppiness.

The finest pale ale malt and gently-kilned crystal malt is brewed with Cascade and East Kent Goldings to create a hoppy flavour, double enhanced with the late copper addition of East Kent Goldings and Cascades added to the cask for racking.

Nutritional & Allergen Information

CYCLOPS rating


Hoppy, Berries, Fruit

Fruity, Spicy





Draught 4.5%


Bottle Not available

Can Not available

Draught Pint (568ml)

2.6UK Units


Plum, prunes, raisins, a touch of toffee and tropical fruit are just some of the flavours flourishing beneath the crimson-copper coloured cloak of this eminently easy-drinking ale. A peppery, resinous hop finish - courtesy of Kent-grown Cascade hops - adds a spice to the nutty sweetness. Rather remarkable with a roast.