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Kentish Saison

Kentish Saison

Enjoy the unique tastes and aromas of the Garden of England with Kentish Saison (4.5% ABV).

Flavoured with locally sourced elderflowers and hops, the refreshing, pale golden beer is available for a limited period during the spring.

Conceived in Shepherd Neame’s pilot brewery, beers in the No.18 Yard Brewhouse collection have already featured a range of unusual ingredients.

In addition to Kentish elderflower, this latest limited edition brew features pale and crystal malts, and Challenger, Cascade, East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops.

CYCLOPS rating

Pale Gold

Sweet, Floral, Subtle Bitterness

Elderflower, Spice





Draught 4.5%


Bottle Not available

Can Not available

Draught 568ml (Pint)

2.6UK Units

Tasting Notes

Pale gold in colour with a delicate floral aroma from Kentish Elderflower mingled with peppery spice notes from locally grown hops. The floral notes combine with sweet malt and a subtle bitterness to give a refreshing finish.