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Green Hop Ale

Green Hop Ale

Instead of the usual dried hops, the beer uses fresh, or ‘green’ Kentish hops within 12 hours of being picked. Freshly picked green hops impart a distinctly different character, creating a beer with a truly unique flavour and aroma.

The first hops of the season were picked for Green Hop Ale by Head Brewer Mike Unsworth and Senior Brewer Stewart Tricker, who popped up to Parsonage Farm in the last week of August to select some lovely fresh Early Bird hops. Back at the brewery the cones were hand-picked from the bine by staff volunteers for the first brew, which will be ready in time for the Hop Festival.

Green Hop Ale is also Shepherd Neame's contribution to Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight, which commences at the end of September. Fresh hops will also be picked for this brew, with the brewers selecting the best hops available for each batch.

Green Hop Ale will be on sale at the Faversham Hop Festival on 1st and 2nd September, and available on draught in Shepherd Neame pubs and freehouses around Kent throughout September. It will also be on sale at Canterbury Food and Drink Festival, which is hosting the official launch of the Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight on Friday, September 21st.

Nutritional & Allergen Information

CYCLOPS rating

Golden Ale


Sweet Malt



Draught 4.5%


Bottle Not available

Can Not available

Draught Pint (568ml)

2.6UK Units