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Early Bird

A fabulously refreshing, bracing beer

Early Bird Spring Hop Ale makes its seasonal appearance between March and May, a fresh floral delight to sweep away the cold of winter and signal the prospect of warm days ahead.

The beer has been a welcome sign of the coming of spring since it was first brewed by Britain's oldest brewer in the mid 1990s.

A pale golden beer, with floral aroma, Early Bird is full-bodied and takes its name from the Early Bird variety of East Kent Goldings hops, grown in hop gardens near the brewery.

Nutritional & Allergen Information

CYCLOPS rating

Deep Gold

Hoppy, Citrus Grapefruit

Fruity, Zesty





Draught 4.3%


Bottle Not available

Can Not available

Draught Pint (568ml)

2.5UK Units

Tasting Notes

A fabulously refreshing, bracing beer that hails early maturing Goldings hops in style. Alive and open with a golden glint in its eye, it stirs up spring sensations of blossom, honey, freshly cut grass and plenty of pine on the nose. The gentle bitterness, soothed by an undercurrent of light biscuit malt, delivers a dry finish. Superb with salads and whitebait.