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CAMRA's Book of Beer Knowledge: Essential Wisdom for the Discerning Drinker - Jeff Evans
This absorbing, pocket-sized book is packed with beer facts, feats, records, stats and anecdotes you'll never be lost for words at the pub again. More than 200 entries cover the serious, the silly and the downright bizarre from the world of beer. Inside this pint-sized compendium you'll find everything from the biggest brewer in the world to the beers with the daftest names. A quick skim before a night out and you'll always have enough beery wisdom to impress your friends.

Home Brewing: A guide to making your own beer, wine and cider - Ted Bruning
There can be little more satisfying than taking your first sip of delicious home-brewed beer. In this step-by-step guide, beer and brewing expert Ted Bruning shows how easy it can be to make your own beer, wine and cider with just basic equipment and a few key skills. 



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