Gifts & Certificates

  • Pewter Stoup


    'Stoup' is the old English name for an ale drinking cup. The successor to the ancient drinking horn, a stoup is a vessel made deeper than a beaker to contain a long draught of ale.

  • Bottle Top & Opener Cufflinks


    Satin finish rhodium bottle top and opener cufflinks, large and detailed with a quality feel these cufflinks are great fun.  Perfect for the office party the conversation will soon be on the right subject.  
    Crimp bottle tops are fitted to many different drinks today including the traditional glass coke bottle but it's fair to say many quality beer products still use this traditional method of sealing because it works so well keeping the bottle contents in tip top condition.
  • Beer Jug Cufflinks


    Polished and satin rhodium together give these beer jug cufflinks a superb feel. Well proportioned, large and solid they are very realistic and great fun to wear.
    The traditional pint pot is uniquely an english tradition for drinking ales and many people insist on a jug when drinking real ale.These pint pot cufflinks are great fun and would make a brilliant tongue in cheek gift for a real ale fan.
  • Spitfire & Roundel Cufflinks


    The legendary Spitfire, designed by the genius supermarine designer RG Mitchell who tragically died before seeing his masterpiece win air superiority over England in the Battle of Britain and go on to be the RAF's premier fighter plane until the end of the war.  
  • Asahi Bottle Cooler


    The Asahi beer cooler is a unique device that is capable of chilling bottles, including Asahi to the perfect drinking temperature in just 3.5minutes.