Gift Boxes

  • Spitfire Ale Gift Box


    Spitfire Premium Ale's characteristically Kentish, hoppy flavour and risque advertising campaign has made it a firm favourite with beer lovers. Now with Armstrong and Miller 'Spitfire Pilots' as the new faces of Spitfire ale!
  • Whitstable Bay Gift Box


    The Whitstable Bay Collection is named after the traditional fishing village of Whitstable.  Each beer in the collection has been designed to offer a clear, refreshing taste for the discerning beer drinker.
  • Lager Lover's Gift Box


    This Lager Lover's gift box is perfect for the lager drinker in your life.

    It features our very own, very popular Whitstable Bay Blonde lager, as well as the famous Sam Adams Boston Lager, an American craft beer lovingly made here under license, and a bottle of crisp, refreshing japanese style lager Asahi, also made by us.

    In addition, we have crammed in a matching branded glass for each lager, as well as a Sam Adams blade bottle opener and a Whitstable bay bar runner, for you to set up your very own home bar!