The Old House at Home, Sheerness

The Old House at Home

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Visitors and regulars alike delight in the warm welcome and friendly atmosphere that awaits at the 17th Century Old House At Home on Sheerness High Street.

The pub is a favourite for many passing through the town centre and, on hot summer days offers an oasis from the hubbub, in its large and beautiful garden.

This has fruit trees, roses, a parasol heater, lights and a decking area, is beautifully planted and available as an alternative for wedding parties.

In the winter, it is a cosy retreat from the cold, with a lovely big central fire to snuggle up by while supping a pint.

Darts, pool, dominoes, cards and board games are on offer and the pub has regular quiz nights, karaoke, lots of charity events and even a Mr and Mrs night.

One regular is a very friendly ghost that makes its presence known when pub users hear inexplicable noises on the stairs, as if someone was moving furniture. . .  but there is never anyone there.

The Old House At Home has disabled access and parking for 7/8 cars.