The Star Inn, Guildford


The Star, in the heart of Guildford, has been entertaining the people of the town for more than 400 years and is proudly continuing that tradition as the area’s longest-running live music venue.


Sunday 29th

Long Family Presents

Eden Shadow

Heavy Rock

Doors 7pm, £5


July - Guildford Fringe Festival


Wednesday 2nd

Interactive Bingo


Bingo is a tough game that requires concentration and a great deal of skill. A momentary lapse of concentration could lose you that top-prize you desire so completely. Worse still you could make a false call – and find yourself on the end of a twitter hate campaign.  While you’re busy winning prizes Jes is using Bingo to reconcile the universe and all its components. Jes provides a few top prizes but the audience brings one each too. If your prize is rubbish Jes can help you find the culprit and get the receipt for a return to Poundland. Every one will be a winner but some will continue to be losers.

In a Sky Arts review (2009) of Jes’s performance on the 4th Plinth Clive Anderson described him as the most interactive plinther.  In a bid to maximise profit Jes will occupy an even smaller space.  The show is back for one night only (sequels excluded).

You will win a prize. You might enjoy the show.  Laugh and the whole world laughs with you. Cry and the whole audience will laugh at you.

Oh yes, all proceeds must go to charity

Doors 8pm, Tickets £5

Tickets available here:

Thursday 3rd - Saturday 5th

The Speach

A One Act play, running time (estimated) 45 minutes. Synopsis as follows

The Prime Minister is in trouble. A perfect storm of disasters has happened on the PM’s watch. Now, a difficult message has to be communicated to the electorate, an admission of failure, a recognition of unpleasant consequences. The skills of a speechwriter are called for but should the speech be an honest appraisal of the situation or just more spin? We see the two battle to find a way forward amid recrimination, revelation and humour – and see our political system and society held up to a sometimes uncomfortable mirror.

Doors 7pm, Tickets £8

Tickets available here:

Friday 4th & Saturday 5th

Owen Elton (Comedy Songs)


Which is the funniest number? What do Adolf Hitler and children’s television have in common? How does one achieve global-mega-superstardom?

Local writer of unnecessary verse, Owen Elton, answers these critical questions and more in original song. Sparkling rhyme, catchy tunes, and irreverent satire combine with a performance style this is “immensely skilled and polished and very funny”

Doors 8.30pm, Tickets £8, £7 Concessions

Tickets available here:


Sunday 6th

Three Little Maids - 40's style close harmony group

Three Little Maids are a musical trio composed of Kate, Alex and Jen,. Three well-bred fillies specialising in 1940s-style close harmony singing, with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. With a set of delicious and delicately spiced songs they create our own curious brand of cabaret

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £10, £8 concessions

Tickets available here:


Monday 7th

Slow Left Arm - Sketch Comedy

Mark is an optimistic Northern slacker. Dom is a tortured soul. Together, they are Slow Left Arm: a dysfunctional double act whose parts are far greater than their sum. Their debut show looks set to contain around 10% songs, 25% offbeat sketches and 5% interior monologues. The rest is bickering.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £5

Tickets available here:

Tuesday 8th

TV Quiz Contestant - Comedy Speaker

Faith returns to the Guildford fringe after last year’s acclaimed success “A charming way to spend an evening” (Surrey Advertiser). Faith will share more anecdotes and tell tale stories of what really happens behind the scenes of such shows as The Weakest Link, Wipeout, The Chase, Ready Steady Cook and others. This entertaining evening includes plenty of laughter, surprises and a fun quiz to see how well you would do.

Are you TV Quiz contestant material ?!

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £10, £9 concessions

Tickets available here:

Wednesday 9th

Fresh from Farnham - New Films Night


Fresh from Farnham showcases the most exciting film and moving image work produced by students studying at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £5

Tickets available here:

Thursday 10th & Friday 11th

Conversations with Barbara - Play, New Writing

Produced by Squeaky Door.

New writing about local Elstead characters – a one woman show.

Tracey Skegley: an actress whose career has reached a cul-de-sac. She reluctantly takes up a job as a cleaner for an upmarket elderly couple who live in a cottage in the woods. Somewhere between dry mopping floors and washing ‘smalls’ with Sunlight Soap, she finds herself immersed in the strangest set of roles she’s ever played. Lady’s companion; champion of squirrels; attendant to a drunken gardener, a dog that won’t bark and a gentleman who still thinks he’s in the RAF; all in a house stuck doggedly in the 1950′s. An original piece of writing by Tracey Linegar and Marcus Belassie, Conversations with Barbara will make you laugh and cry in equal measures. For a brief time, get back in touch with a bygone age.

Mild swearing and sexual references.

Featuring Rebecca Denmark and Tracey Skegley.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £5

Tickets available here:

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th

Dead in the Water - a musical tragicomedy

Produced by Balls in the Air

1943. A tramp lies dying in a London Hospital, unaware that his death will propel him in to history, saving thousands of lives and altering the course of the War.  Re-living his tragic journey from poverty in Wales to sleeping rough in London he witnesses confused and ghostly portents of the strange redemption that awaits him. In this darkly comic musical tale, the true story of Glyndwr Michael, the strangest War hero who ever lived, is re-imagined through haunting songs and fast-paced dialogue.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £10, £8 concessions

Tickets available here:

Monday 14th & Tuesday 15th


Lover's Vows by Elizabeth Inchbald - Classic Play

Produced by Artifice.

Lover’s Vows is the play which causes such havoc among the young people of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. In the year which marks the 200th anniversary of Austen’s novel, Artifice present their own production of the play. Characteristically – Mrs Inchbald was not one to pull her punches – the play was controversial at the time, dealing with betrayal, illegitimacy, class prejudices and, of course, love. The play will be of interest to anyone interested in Austen: Janeites, book groups, general readers, students, teachers, and lovers of theatrical curiosities. The latest addition to Artifice’s repertoire of classical plays, Lover’s Vows will be appearing in beautiful places over the Summer, including at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath.

Doors 8pm, Tickets £10

Tickets available here:


Wednesday 16th

Masks - a trilogy of new writing by Chris Towndrow

Three new plays written by local playwright Chris Towndrow performed by a professional cast of actors.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £7

Tickets available here:

Thursday 17th

Blues & Burlesque Caberet

After 2 successful years doing the Edinburgh fringe the Blues and Burlesque group,have just completed a sell out run at Perth and Adelaide fringe festivals .Normally based in Londons West end this show is fun sexy and just a little bit dangerous! Here’s a review of or show in Adelaide this year .

“Blues and Burlesque is the brain child of former Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ pianist Pete Saunders and is an extraordinary fusion of blues, comedy and burlesque, featuring Saunders on the piano and vocals, envious chav comedienne Vicious Delicious (Leah Shand) and doe-in-the-headlights burlesque beauty Scarlett Belle.

The trio not only excel in their specific fields, but exhibit finely-tuned skills in complementary areas, making for one of the finest hours of entertainment you will see at the Fringe.”

Doors 8pm, Tickets £10

Tickets available here:

Friday 18th

Abi Roberts - Twerk in Progress - Stand up comedy

Hotly-tipped stand-up starlet, ABI ROBERTS jerks, twerks and acts like a berk in this Edinburgh preview of her debut solo stand-up show TWERK IN PROGRESS. Like a shot of neat vodka in the eyeball, expect mayhem, stealth feminism at it’s finest, pot noodles and Putin. Comedy with heart, soul and more than a little mischief from the Caitlin Moran of stand-up comedy.  “Very funny, rapid-fire, unstoppable and triumphant… takes down target after target” - Sara Fisch, New Statesman (Arts)”

Press quotes:

Brilliant, funny and charming….even with a mind-bogglingly A-list industry in attendance. True genius. ” - James Mullinger, Comedy Editor, GQ Magazine.

“Very funny, rapid-fire, unstoppable and triumphant… takes down target after target” - Sara Fisch, New Statesman (Arts)

“The Caitlin Moran of stand-up comedy.” – Alex Warlow, Guernsey Press

“Fast-paced, high-octane comedy with brilliant routines…entertaining throughout and leaves everybody wanting more.” -

“I am pretty sure we will be hearing a great deal more about her. She was, quite simply, a superb opener act (for Michael McIntyre) and is destined for bigger things”. Alex Hepple – Comedy Chords/Cinema Chords


Twitter: @abiroberts

Doors 8.30pm, Tickets £5

Tickets available here:


Saturday 19th

Hats off to Laurel & Hardy - Play

‘HATS OFF TO LAUREL AND HARDY’ is the third production from professional Guildford-based theatre company Lucky Dog Theatre Productions.  It has been on national tour since September 2013 and is being performed at the international Laurel & Hardy Convention in Hollywood in July 2014.  This accurate and moving account of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy’s lives and careers has made various world-renowned Laurel & Hardy experts state it is the closest portrayals to the actual people they have ever seen.  Lucky Dog received six five-star reviews at The Brighton Fringe in May 2013 and even the notorious Steve Bennett of Chortle was moved to call the piece ‘The epitome of restrained precision’.  Paul Levy of Fringe Review named Lucky Dog’s show his Outstanding Show of the Fringe.  The show comes complete with some recreations of their finest film moments played both on screen and stage (sometimes at the same time) along with some singing and questionable dancing.

Doors 8pm, Tickets £10

Tickets available here:

Tuesday 22nd

ROAD by Jim Cartwright

It’s 1986: One street, one night, six pubs. No work, chips, sex, love and loads of beer

Maybe, just maybe for one night, somehow they might ESCAPE!!

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £10

Tickets available here:

Thursday 24th

Patterns - New Musical

Produced by Guildford Fringe Theatre Company.

After the shows premier at last years Guildford Fringe Festival, Patterns is returning with new material added as it shows it development in to a fully staged musical. Written by Kara Alberts, who is now training at Guildford School of Acting, Patterns is a song cycle that follows the journey of relationships within a family. A true and moving account.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £5

Tickets available here:

Saturday 26th

One in the Ink - Contempory art exhibition/ After party in the evening with live music

Introducing One In The Ink, a contemporary art exhibition showcasing working illustrators closely linked to Guildford Town.

Transforming the Back Room at The Star into a vibrant space to enter into the minds of Roshan Abeysekera, Mhari- Stella, Spilt Milk, Mr Gordo and Tom Gilmour, you will be sure to come away feeling like you have seen something incredibly unique and exciting.

These five chosen artists will have their original work on display, and will be accompanied by live art, screen printing and acoustic sets throughout the day. In the evening the after party will be kick started by an auction, with a chance for everyone to win a collectable at a bargain price, closely followed by live music to finish your day of discovery.

Whatever your views on contemporary art or gallery spaces, be ready to leave them at the door. There will be no lifeless walls, no awkwardly silent rooms, no overly priced entry fees and no conceptual art that you pretend to understand; the artists and organisers at One In The Ink encourage guests to engage with the artists and ask questions about their work.

Hoping to impact Guildford’s connection with contemporary art, One In The Ink wants to change the view that it is necessary to travel into London to see new and exciting artwork, rather, you’ll find it right here on your door step.

OITI formed to encourage people not to buy generic pieces of overpriced work, but instead to invest in a unique piece directly from local talent at an affordable price. Whether or not you leave with any physical evidence on Saturday 26th July 2014, you will certainly be left feeling inspired, knowing you were part of something truly unique.

Doors 11am, Tickets £6 (all day ticket) £4 day time OR evening)

Tickets available here:

Sunday 27th

Keeping up with the Powell's - musical caberet

A musical cabaret featuring two sisters Jennifer and Kimberly Powell who were born and bred in Surrey. Their joint credits include Cosette in Les Miserables (West End) and Sophie in Mamma Mia (International Tour). They will be performing some of your favourites from the musicals and films, with some original songs and guest performances.

Doors 7.30pm, Tickets £8

Tickets available here:

August – Back Room listings
Friday 1st
Versus Events presents
Echo Park – Rock/ Pop
Sons of Endor – Stoner/Grunge/Star Wars inspired
Wolf Choir – Indie/Math Rock/Dream pop Noise/Experimental
Howling Foxes – Acoustic/Folk/Rock
Greedy Hands – Rock
7pm Doors, Tickets £4 adv, £5 door.
Wednesday 6th
Progressive Promotions presents
Red Seas Fire
The Black Dogs
An evening of Tech/Progressive Metal
7.30pm Doors, Tickets £5
Saturday 9th
Nuway Army
Gary Numan Tribute, playing a selection of songs from his early career between 1978 – 1981. Completely live. No samplers and no computers.\nuwayarmy\nuwayarmy
8pm Doors, Tickets £5
Tuesday 12th
Kolo, The Sound Flays & Sand Weaver!/events/495110113922986/
7.30 pm Doors, Tickets £6 adv, £8 Door
Saturday 23rd
GU1 Punx presents
Atiptoe (Single Launch show) Headline, Yearbook, Noyo Mathis, Glass Mazes.

Local heroes Atiptoe headline their first show in celebration of their newest single. hey blend catchy melodies with technical, groovy math-rock elements. Truly skilled musicians. Yearbook are a little on the gruffer side. Fresh off touring with rock-veterans Lower Than Atlantis, this is a band very much worth watching. BIG things to come!/Gu1Punx?fref=ts
8pm Doors, Tickets £3