The Star Inn, Guildford


The Star, in the heart of Guildford, has been entertaining the people of the town for more than 400 years and is proudly continuing that tradition as the area’s longest-running live music venue.

Saturday 31st October
Halloween Spectacular with
Winters Edge
(Power, death metal)
(Chug metal)
Front Towards Enemy
(Hard metal)
(Stoner metal)
Doors 8.30pm £2
Monday 2nd November
Noise Theory Presents
The Wholls
(rock/ indie)
Doors 8pm FREE ENTRY
Saturday 7th November
Black Phoenix Rising Music Promotions Presents
Ded Orse
Bitter Divide
(Heavy rock, metal, stoner rock)
Doors 8pm £5!/BPRMPromotions?fref=ts
Sunday 8th November
Shout! Management Presents
English Country Gent
Support tbc
(Country rock)
Doors 7pm £7
Monday 9th November
Beckki Power
(Rock/ Indie)
Doors 8pm £2/ £1 with flyer!/events/1024168157604330/?
Wednesday 11th November
All Ears Avow
Mark The Skyline
(Alt. Rock/ Pop-Pun.  All Ears Avow are an alternative rock four piece from Wiltshire.  The band have devised their won brand of alternative rock, dipping their toes into pop-punk and also heavier styles with melodic choruses and fist pumping anthems that leave crowds begging for more)
Doors 7.30pm £3
Thursday 12th November
Black Phoenix Rising Music Productions Presents
Control The Storm
Incarnadine Covern
(Heavy rock, metal, stoner rock)
Doors 7pm £4
Friday 13th November
Rose Coloured Presents
Welcome The Howling Tones
Brightlight City Belladonnas
(Alternative/ rock)
Doors 7.30pm £4
Saturday 14th November
Buffalo Club Presents
Secret Black Boyfriend
Throatpunch City
Pastel Frontier
Doors 7.30pm £3
Sunday 15th November
Jasta 11 Gigs & Concerts presents
Max Raptor
Doors 7.30pm £6.50 adv
Monday 16th November
Tuesday 17th November
QNO Productions Present
Backwards Creek
Dirty Get
Telephone Road (acoustic set)
(Garage rock with elements of punk and funk.  Groove based and melodic with no screaming!)
Doors 7.30pm £5
Friday 20th November
Jasta 11 presents
Johnny Foreigner
For Astronauts & Satelites
Doors 8pm £7 adv
Saturday 21st November
Guildford Gag House Comedy Night
Joe Wells
Edd Hedges
Stephen Carlin
Here’s a sample:
Doors 8pm £10
Monday 23rd November
JS Promotions presents
The Hallucinations
Lost In Venice
(soft & hard rock)
Doors 7.30pm £3/ £2 with ACM
Wednesday 25th November
Details tbc
Thursday 26th November
University of Surrey Band Society Presents
Icarus Dive
Ruins of Alph
Doors 7.30pm £4 non-members £3 members
Friday 27th November
SOI Presents
Sons Of Icarus
Bad Sign
White Noise Radio
(Hard rock/ Alternative Rock)
Doors 7.30pm £7
Saturday 28th November
Buffalo Club Metal Night
Victorian Whore Dogs
In The Hills
Doors 7.30pm £3
Monday 30th November
ACM Christmas Showcase
Guildford Fringe Theatre Presents
Aladdin Rub My Lamp
 The Adult Panto
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess, who lived in Old Peking. We wanted to set it in Banging-cock because the jokes would be smuttier, but the Panto Union wouldn’t allow such a radical location change. Back to the story…
The Princess’ father, the Emperor, wanted her to marry a rich man, but her needs were a bit more ‘demanding’ than mere financial wealth. She needed real ‘fulfillment’. If you catch our drift…
Aladdin was a poor washerwoman’s son, who lived with his mother, Widow Wanky, in – and this, honestly, won’t come as a surprise – a laundry. He was a bit short of experience in the whole bedroom gymnastics department, too. If only he could become rich enough to build a huge palace for the Princess. An impressive erection like that would be bound to win her over.
The Evil Abanazar was a grumpy old sod, hell-bent on buggering up everyone’s day just for shits and giggles. He’s more power-crazed than Putin, but not such a homophobic git.
Anyway, there’s a couple of genies, a cave, more gold than a Mr T lookalike competition, and a lamp that gets rubbed more times than a teenage boy’s ‘junk’ when he first discovers pornography.
Date: 1 – 31 December 2015 (no shows on 6, 13, 20, 24, 25, 26 December)
Tickets: £14.50 (£13.50 concessions)