The Star Inn, Guildford

Skeptics present Dr. Aubrey de Grey

Wednesday 20th March 2013 - 19:30pm


In this talk Aubrey will explain why therapies that can add 30 healthy years to the remaining life span of typical 60-year-olds may well arrive within the next few decades.  And secondly, why those who benefit from those therapies will very probably continue to benefit from progressively improved therapies indefinitely and will thus avoid debilitation or death from age-related causes at any age.

It may seem premature to be discussing the elimination of human ageing as a cause of death, when so little progress has yet been made in even postponing it. However, two facts undermine this assessment. The first is that ageing happens throughout our lives but only causes ill-health after middle age: this shows that we can postpone that ill-health without knowing how to prevent ageing completely, but instead by molecular and cellular repair. The second is that the typical rate of subsequent, incremental refinement of big technological breakthroughs is usually fast enough (so long as public enthusiasm for them is strong) to change those technologies almost beyond recognition within a natural human life span