The Orange Tree, Dartford


Bar Food
Our lunchtime bar menu includes home cooked pies, hand cut tiger bread sandwiches, authentic Thai curries and daily specials. There’s something for everyone whether you're hungry or just in need of a light bite.

Hardy’s Carvery – Home of roast with 120 years of experience!
The name comes from a family passion for the home cooker roasts. Over the last 60 years of marriage Michael & Mary Hardy (our parents) have only ever missed two Sunday roasts and that was because mum was having one of five children! From kids we have been watching and learning how to cook a good Sunday roast. Even now every Sunday our family (which has grown to 23!) comes back home for the roast.  If you take Mum, Pauline and Nick's experience of cooking roast you have over 120 years of experience of cooking roast dinners. You may well see Mary who’s 83 still wondering and checking our food! Nick is also classically trained and qualified chef.

Booking is always advised, everything is cooked on site to perfection and there are no corners you can cut in cooking a roast. If we run out of meat there’s no quick solution cooking another roast joint! Everything is cooked on site - we slowly roast the meat to allow the roasting flavour to penetrate the meat, we collect the juices from the meat and vegetables for the gravy, nothing is lost, the roast potatoes are also cooked around or in the meat pans to give them that flavour and colour. We do not and will not cook for the masses - we do not have the turnover to buy in bulk .All our meat and vegetables come from local suppliers.  

If meat is not on your menu choice then please do not despair - we will always make sure there is an option available for you too. The roast potatoes and gravy will be equally prepared and cooked with the same passion and suitably for a vegetarian.