Duvet Dogs

Saturday 23rd March 2013 - 19:30pm



The Duvet Dogs have plenty of experience of playing rock'n'roll in a wide variety of different bands. Drummer Steve and vocalist/guitarist Chris were founder members of the former Strontium Dog and have been playing together for the best part of a decade.

Lead guitarist Guy is a seasoned axe-slinger despite his tender years, having formerly been the musical power behind Maidstone legends Shotgun Junky. Bassman James adds some international flavour to the band (he's originally from New Zealand!), while keyboards maestro Mike adds his own technical wizardry to the Duvet Dogs (special) brew.

Our philosophy is fairly simple - identify the songs we love playing and that people love to hear, and then have a lot of fun playing them!! We play anything from old-skool 50s rock'n'roll to modern rock, taking in classic hard rock, punk and glam along the way. Check out our awesome rock medleys - more choons than you can shake a stick at!

We take our music (and our audience) very seriously, but we aren't precious about ourselves - we're here to entertain! We like nothing better than to create a rock'n'roill party atmosphere and get people up rockin' with us! We look forward to catchiing you at a liive music venue near you very soon.