The Wheel Inn, Ashford


We serve up a mixture of classic pub and slightly more fancy food. Everything from our chips to our flatbreads, from our beetroot hummus to our braised wild boar belly is prepared lovingly in house by our team.
Our menu changes every three to four months with little bits n pieces added on throughout the season to keep you all interested. 
We offer the ultimate pub experience, with dishes from £9 if you fancy a quick bite and don't want to break the bank or a selection of more expensive dishes if you're out with someone special. 
We offer a large wine selection with entry level at £17 and some more expensive options for more expensive occasions.......
Our Sunday roast is a labour of love with gravy that takes a week to prepare and a 12 hour slow roasted sirloin on offer. We prepare our roasties which are individually coated in butter for extra flavour and crunchiness.
Please keep up to date with our menu's and events by checking the website regularly.