Tenancy Process

Step 1 - Pre Entry

Let's get started. The first thing to do is to take some simple steps by obtaining Pre-Entry Awareness Training, and a personal licence.

Step 2 - Register An Interest

Now you're ready to see what's on offer and that means viewing vacancies on the Shepherd Neame website and a copy of letting details. Having viewed the house at different trading times and assessed the market, you can contact the Brewery to register an interest.

Step 3 - Apply

Having completed an application form here, you will be invited to an interview to discuss the opportunity with the Business Development Manager (BDM) responsible for the pub.

Step 4 - Review & Planning

You should then conduct a full business review and complete both a business plan and three year financial plan (click here for example). The BDM will be able to give advice on how this should be carried out and also advise of independent business/financial advisors to help in this process, should this be required.

Step 5 - Second Interview

If you progress to this page of the application process your business and financial plans will be discussed. This will be conducted by the Tenanted Trade Director, Operations Manager and BDM.

Step 6 - The Offer

If successful, you can look forward to receiving an offer.

Step 7 - Pre-tenancy Training

We require first-time Licensees to pass the Pre-Entry Awareness Training Course (PEAT) and to obtain an APLH (Award for Personal Licence Holders). All Licensees must pass a Shepherd Neame course in Beer and Cellar Management, accredited to BII ABCQ level Training for the new Licensee which includes a financial management course, a Level 2 qualification in Food Safety in Catering and a Level 2 qualification in Health and Safety in the Workplace. There is also the a chance for every Licensee to become a Master of Beer – Shepherd Neame's unique qualification which enhances greater understanding of our ales and lagers, developing the knowledge to promote the products you sell, and ensuring the highest standards in maintaining and serving the perfect pint.

Step 8  - Signing Up

With an offer extended, you can then sign up with the BDM. This includes paying deposits and signing a tenancy agreement. All that is left is to instruct a broker (see box below), agree a change date, arrange insurance, register for VAT and place an initial order with the brewery.

Step 9 - Opening Time

Once complete, you are ready to open the doors to your pub and to welcome your customers. But you're not on your own. Shepherd Neame provides ongoing support in marketing and developing your business and offers additional training for you and your staff, helping you to maximise the potential of your pub.