Asahi Super Dry is the beer of choice in Britain's best bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Super crisp, super clear and super dry, the beer embodies Japanese discernment and good taste.

Asahi is proud of its associations with the arts, which include being the beer partner of The Royal Albert Hall. Asahi, pronounced 'A-Sa-Hee', means 'rising sun' and is Japan's number one beer. Developed in 1987, it was Japan's first karakuchi or 'dry' beer easy-to-drink, good with food and characterised by its dry bite.

Asahi Super Dry can be enjoyed on its own, or with a wide variety of food.

Beer Information

Asahi Super Dry

30 litre Keg, 50 litre Keg, 330ml Bottle, 500ml Bottle

Tasting Notes

Clean and crisp with a restrained bitterness and a subtle citrus aroma, this light golden beer was Japan's first "dry" lager. Its deft, distinct dryness comes from a carefully concise fermentation period, a minimum four week maturation period and the traditional addition of a small amount of rice. Fresh and with plenty of balanced finesse, it's an ideal accompaniment to the well-defined flavours and textures found in sushi.
Tasting notes by beer writer Ben McFarland

Asahi Events & Social

The Asahi team have just come back from the European Longboard championships check out the video below.

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