• Work Experience at the Brewery

    07 February 2012

    The brewery was featured in Kent on Saturday at the weekend, we are signed up to the Job Centre Plus scheme that gives jobseekers aged 18-24 the skills and experience to equip them for the world of work. click on the image below to see the full article

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  • Snow Fun

    06 February 2012

    Well for once the weather forecasters were right, they said we would get a good dump of snow in Kent on Saturday and it started at about 10pm. Today we all returned to work with slight trepidation, anticipating the roads to be frozen, snow to have drifted way up against the brewery and the whole area to be at a standstill – perhaps we have too little faith.

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  • What the Dickens?

    03 February 2012

    Charles Dickens was born on 7th February 1812 and so this year is the 200th anniversary of his birth.

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  • Made Up Words?

    02 February 2012

    If you have ever been on a brewery tour or studied brewing you will have noticed we like to use our own industry specific language (I suspect this is the same in most industries). This language (or made up words) allows us to discuss brewing with a common understanding whilst keeping the science (or black art) hidden from our non brewing colleagues.

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  • Julia George is Shepherd Neame Kent Journalist of the year

    27 January 2012

    BBC Radio Kent presenter Julia George was named Shepherd Neame Kent Journalist of the Year at the Kent Media Awards lunch held at the Faversham brewery. Julia, who also won the Bishops Finger Broadcast Journalist of the Year category, was described as very talented broadcaster who has built a relationship of trust with her listeners.

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