Two different beers

Posted: 01 November 2010

Author: David Holmes

Last week saw the start of the latest JD Wetherspoon real ale and real cider festival, we produced two beers specially for them. The first is called "Cinque Ale" named after the 5 ports on the south east coast charged with protecting us from the enemy during the war. The beer is 4.1% abv and in keeping with the name we made 5 separate hop additions to the brew, making sure it has a typically Kentish dry bitter character. As well as the special hop regime the grist had in it crystal, brown and chocolate malt.

The second beer we produced in collaboration with Sam Adams Boston Beer Company. After several weeks of preparation and discussion across the Atlantic, two brewers,Bert Boyce and Dan Melideo came to stay with us here in Faversham. This very light coloured ale is brewed using Maris Otter floor malted barley. Fresh green Cascade hops were picked by the brewers themselves and quickly transported to the brewery for addition to the copper. The Sam Adams yeast performed extremely well and a week later we were adding more hops to the racking tank prior to putting the beer into cask. The result is a beautiful 5.5abv bitter ale.  

We would like to hear your comments on these beers and any others that catch your attention.


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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