Time to celebrate

Posted: 01 June 2012

Author: Stewart Tricker

Blog category: Beer

It is June at last (or too soon depending on your viewpoint?) and this weekend is the Jubilee celebration.

We have produced a Diamond Jubilee cask ale that you will hopefully find in your local public house, it is a 3.8% light coloured ale brewed using only pale ale malt which has a pleasant summery bouquet from the hops.

As an alternate there is Spitfire which is in its new Glorious 2012 colours (see the pictures on the front of our website) as part of our celebration of all things 2012 – the Jubilee, our winning at the football, a summer of great sport at the Olympics and a tremendous August
heat wave – we can but dream!

So whatever you are doing during the long weekend, be it a street party, a village picnic, soaking at the atmosphere at the many events in London (watching the river pageant or the concerts or just walking down the Mall) or more locally visiting your favourite pub, laying on the beach enjoying the warm sunshine (I’m sure it wouldn’t dare rain on a bank holiday) I hope you will take the time to make an appropriate toast and thoroughly enjoy yourselves

Cheers and a happy jubilee and here's to a glorious summer of 2012

Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer