Time to call in the ghost busters?

Posted: 15 March 2011

Blog category: News

There’s something spooky going on at Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewer.

The Faversham brewery has a plethora of ghosts and spirits, but recently staff have noticed an increase in paranormal activity and even reported sightings of a feline ghost.

Receptionists Christine George and Jane Glover have got used to the presence of ghostly figures, but it’s the first time the mysterious black and white cat has made an appearance.

Christine said: “The cat was seen walking behind me in reception, which vanished as quickly as it appeared. We don’t know of any cats that lived at the brewery, but maybe it has a connection with one of our other ghosts.”

One of the more common sightings is of a man wearing a high frock coat walking through reception. Christine said: “Often people comment that they’ve heard or felt someone walking behind them, but there’s never anybody there. I have seen him walking past the reception desk early in the morning, but he can make an appearance at any time of day. Lately he has been more active but we don’t know why.”

Several spirits have been detected by paranormal investigators in recent years, including a group of monks in the old malt kiln, the smell of cigar smoke and the sound of someone running by the fermentation vessels and even an evil spirit by the old management offices.

A former member of staff refused to even go in the boardroom after seeing a ghostly figure.