A Taste of Golden Sunshine

Posted: 28 May 2014

Blog category: Beer, Seasonals

Celebrate the arrival of summer with Shepherd Neame’s Goldings Ale, a refreshing brew packed with flavour.

The soft golden seasonal ale is made from Kentish First Gold and German Hersbrukker hops, dry hopped with Kentish Goldings grown in gardens close to the Faversham-based brewery.

These citrusy hops are melded with the nutty, wholemeal character of crystal and ale malt to create a tangy, fresh finish – perfect for a long summer evening.

There’s no chance you will miss it at the bar, as the brand has undergone a complete redesign to give it a more eye-catching, contemporary look. The bright yellow square pump clip is now illustrated with a sunny scene taken at one of Kent’s most spectacular beaches - Botany Bay at Kingsgate near Broadstairs.

Goldings Ale (ABV 4.1%) will be available nationwide from Monday, June 2 to Tuesday, September 30.