Summer is coming?

Posted: 02 June 2011

There are plenty of signs for me that summer is just around the corner.

We have just finished the first brew of Whitstable Bay Summer Ale for cask which will now gradually replace Early Bird in the pubs, I always think this light refreshing beer is ideal if sitting in a pub garden during the long hot summer evenings of which I hope there are many.

Of course as soon as we got the beer into vessel the rain started coming down, something I don’t remember seeing much of since before the snows in December so it was long overdue but is the rain a sign that we had summer in April – I hope not!!

One of the main ingredients of our beers is Kentish hops which give the characteristic bitterness and aroma. Being in the middle of the hop growing region of Kent it is always amazing to see how quickly the bines grow – they are now six feet tall and approaching the top of the wirework. We could really do with a bit more of the rain and plenty of warm sunny weather to help the hops grow.

The current weather forecasts are showing the temperature rising but very little rain so I will just have to enjoy the beers in the pub gardens and not worry about the hops for a while.


Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer