Spitfire Ale Keeps Spirits High in the Hunt for Lost Spitfires in Burma

Posted: 18 January 2013

Spitfire Ale, official partner of the RAF, has sent a crate of beer to raise the spirits of the disappointed team of archaeologists searching for buried Spitfire aircraft in Burma. With the message, “Keep the faith chaps, there’ll be down there somewhere”, cans of the premium Kentish Ale were sent to the dig site near Rangoon International Airport to encourage the team to keep searching.
Led by Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall, the group have gathered eyewitness accounts from US and British servicemen, in the search for up to 124 Spitfire aircraft thought to be buried unassembled and unused in a series of crates. Excavations began at the first of three sites in early January, only for archaeologists to announce today that none are believed to be buried at the first location. David Cundall believes the dig has started in the wrong location and has urged the dig to continue, with a little liquid assistance from Spitfire Ale.
Created in the heart of Kent by Britain’s oldest brewer, Spitfire was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and has a long standing partnership with the RAF.