Snowy Kent

Posted: 03 December 2010

The snow arrived in Kent at the start of the week and has certainly given a "festive" feel to the county. Despite all the traffic chaos almost everyone made it into the brewery. Amazingly there has been no interuption to production. Our drays were unable to deliver yesterday it was so dangerous, however they have almost caught up today and will deliver all outstanding orders tomorrow. Our Christmas Ale in cask hit the pubs last week and is going down very well with our customers. We won an award in the Maunfacturer magazine for our Supply Chain Management, this means that our pubs are getting fresh beer delivered on time.  

The government announced this week that they are going to change the way strong beers are taxed (increase the amount), while at the same time they will reduce it for beers that are less than 2.8%abv. We will be looking at what options we have to give customers the widest choice of beers at the price they can afford.

Christmas Party time is here and our pubs are looking splendid. If you are visiting any of them have a great time and let us know what you think.


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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