Snow Fun

Posted: 06 February 2012

Well for once the weather forecasters were right, they said we would get a good dump of snow in Kent on Saturday and it started at about 10pm.

Today we all returned to work with slight trepidation, anticipating the roads to be frozen, snow to have drifted way up against the brewery and the whole area to be at a standstill – perhaps we have too little faith.

The roads were slushy but ok, clearly the gritters had been out, so that was the first worry out of the way.

Arriving at the brewery it looked picturesque with snow nestling on the roofs and the tops of the vessels (doubtless someone has taken some photographs for future publicity material) but with the added bonus of steam clearly showing that we were up and brewing.

The yards, delivery area and brewery hill were also remarkably clear, good use having been made of the new snow plough attachment for the forklift truck and the gritters – forward planning really does work!!

As I look out the window now the snow appears to be rapidly thawing so that may be it until next time (possibly next winter?) and we appear to have escaped unscathed apart from the odd bruises and scrapes that were received whilst sledging and snowballing with family yesterday.

So that just leaves time for a warming drink and possible a sneaky sit by a log fire in a local pub at lunchtime.




Stewart Tricker - Senior Brewer