Simon's Christmas Tips

Posted: 22 December 2013

Blog category: Food, Christmas, Chefs

We asked Head Development Chef, Simon Howlett for his top tips for the perfect Christmas Dinner - see his thoughts below:

"If you’re not keen on brown meat then go for a turkey crown, let the cooked meat rest for at least 30 minutes before carving.
Roast your potatoes in goose or duck fat, boil potatoes and smash them up in pan before adding to hot oil for nice crispy bits, try
adding rosemary or garlic for flavour
Do as much prep as you can the day before, prep your vegetables , potatoes, make your stuffing, wrap sausages with bacon and make your sauces
Par boil sprouts the day before and then sauté off with bacon and chestnuts, finish with maple syrup
Not got enough stove space then cook your Christmas pudding in a slow cooker"

If you have your own tips for the perfect Christmas dinner, comment below or tell us on Facebook.