Shepherd Neame tops pub food survey

Posted: 08 March 2011

Blog category: News, Pubs, Food

Pubs run by Kent brewer Shepherd Neame have come out on top in an independent survey on the importance of pub food.

Shepherd Neame pub food achieved the best ratings among customers of a number of major pub companies across the UK.

The OnTrack survey, conducted by the research and consulting company him!, involved questioning more than 4,000 customers to find out the things that most attracted customers to visit a pub.

Choice of food was judged the third most important factor, behind choice of beers and atmosphere. In a supplementary question, 53% of customers were happy to rate the pub food they had tasted as “excellent”.

Nigel Bunting, Shepherd Neame retail director, said: “We have been working hard to maintain and improve the quality of food served in our pubs and this survey shows that our chefs are achieving great things across the estate. The appointment of head development chef Simon Howlett and the advent of regular chef skills days will further enhance the quality of food on offer to our customers.”

A him! spokesman said: “These results are gleaned from face-to-face interviews with customers at pubs in May 2010. Shepherd Neame’s dedication to food shines through in this survey.”