Shepherd Neame’s Generation Ale is the ladies’ choice

Posted: 03 April 2014

Blog category: News, Beer, Food

Lisa Harlow, Annabel Smith, Ros Shiel of Dea LatisDea Latis, a group of female beer enthusiasts and industry experts, recently hosted its fifth annual beer and chocolate tasting.

Twenty guests gathered in the Clarence pub on Whitehall to taste six beers, including Shepherd Neame’s Generation Ale, each paired with a chocolate chosen to enhance the flavours in each.

Expert guidance to the beer and chocolate matches was provided by Annabel Smith, beer sommelier and Dea Latis founder.

Annabel said: “We regularly pair beer with a variety of foods, but the chocolate tasting is probably our most popular event. The fact that we’re staging this event for the fifth time reflects not only the strong appeal of sampling beer and chocolate together, but also the growing awareness of Dea Latis within the beer and pubs industry.”

The beers and chocolates tasted by guests at the Clarence were:
·         Shepherd Neame Generation Ale (ABV 9%) with Green & Black’s Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut & Raisins
·         Molson Coors Blue Moon (ABV 5.4%) with Terry’s Milk Chocolate Orange
·         Everards Tiger (ABV 4.2%) with Green & Black’s Butterscotch Milk Chocolate
·         Thwaites Tavern Porter (ABV 4.7%) with chocolate cup cakes
·         Adnams Sole Bay (ABV 10%) with Montezumas Peeling Amorous White Chocolate
·         Liefman’s Kriek lambic cherry beer (ABV 4.2%) with Thorntons Dark Chilli Chocolate

Beer writer Jane Peyton at the eventDea Latis – named after the Celtic goddess of beer - was launched four years ago as a forum where women working in breweries, pubs or related jobs could share insights and experience.

The group now holds a number of beer and food tastings through the year and regularly communicates with around 220 women including brewers, licensees, quality managers, trainers, writers, bloggers and a growing number of interested beer drinkers.

Shepherd Neame is among a number of national and regional brewers and related bodies who have recently become Dea Latis corporate partners, offering financial and other support to help the group develop further.

Annabel added: “We’re delighted with the response to our requests for support. Brewers see the benefits of becoming part of a generic drive to engage women with beer, as an adjunct to whatever women-specific marketing they might be doing themselves. With this welcome support to underpin the group, we can plan more activities to bring beer to women this year.”

Generation Ale (ABV 9%) was launched in 2011 as a limited edition ale hand-crafted to commemorate five generations of Shepherd Neame as an independent family brewery.

It is available exclusively from the brewery shop. Click
here for more details.