Sausage Week 2013

Posted: 04 November 2013

Shepherd Neame's managed houses are proud to be taking part in British Sausage Week, an annual celebration of the taste, quality and diversity of the traditional British Pork sausage! This year’s Sausage week runs from the 4th of November until the 10th.

Our Pork & Spitfire ale sausages are made exclusively for us by Broad Oak Farm, Hatfield in Essex and produced consistently, all year round, using only the freshest ingredients and the finest primal cuts of Pork.

All of our managed pubs will be taking part this year by selling a selection of pub favourites and daily specials, including:

  • Sausages with apple fritters, served with creamy mashed potato and rich gravy.
  • Sausages and bacon, served with mixed bean & potato casserole.
  • Toad in the hole, topped with bacon, served with shredded savoy cabbage.

Did you know?

  • The word sausage derives from the Latin salsisium, meaning something that has been salted.
  • According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first specific reference in English came in a fifteenth century vocabulary ‘Salcicia’,a ‘sawsage’.
  • Sausages were nicknamed bangers during the Second World War. Their high water content due to the scarcity of other ingredients meant that they were liable to explode when cooked as the water turned to steam.
  • There are more than 470 recipes and flavours for sausages in Britain. If you take into account all the different variations from butchers across the country you could eat a different British sausage every day for ten years.
  • Approximately 182,848 metric tonnes of sausage were consumed in the UK in 2012, laid end to end that would be enough sausage to:

         - Form a wall, four sausages high, around the entire coastline of Great Britain!

         - Cover a distance from London to Perth in Australia and back twice!

         - Wrap around the London Eye, the capital’s Millennium wheel, 129 thousand times!

         - Add another layer, 10 sausages high, to the entire length of the Great Wall of China!

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