Salutation Ale

Posted: 10 October 2012

Author: Stewart Main

Blog category: Pilot Brewery, Beer

The Salutation at Sandwich celebrates it’s centenary this year. To commemorate the event  Dominic Parker from The Salutation came to the Brewery to brew  a special beer with me in the Pilot Brewery.

I designed a recipe that would produce a traditional, old style, full, malty  flavour. Pale, Crystal, Amber and Brown malt were used, complimented by First Gold hops in the copper for bitterness.

To give the beer a modern twist I used late Copper hopped and Whirlpool hopped with American Cascades. To make the beer truly special and unique Dominic brought over some flowers from The Secret Garden, which I boiled with the hops in the copper.

Anise Hyssop, Lemon Verbena, Nasturtium, and Rosa Rugosa were used.

I am looking for the fragrance of these plants to compliment the citrus aroma from the Cascades but they must not overpower the brew!

It is my philosophy that the Brewer must never lose sight that it is beer he is brewing and that any “quirky“ additions should be there subtly on the nose and palate, if they dominate and overpower, then you have not achieved your aim. There will always be exceptions to this of course but in general terms that is my belief. Anyway, just going down to check the gravity. It had a classic 24hr rocky head first thing. Lovely! 

Salutation Ale 4.0% abv