Featured Recipe: Pork Belly and Black Pudding Scotch Eggs

03 May 2014

Serve with piccalilli or a grain mustard mayonnaise as a tasty tapas dish or starter. The addition of the black pudding to the pork mince gives the Scotch egg a really different taste. You could substitute the black pudding for haggis for another flavour variety. For a plain Pork belly Scotch egg just omit the black pudding and increase the amount of minced pork accordingly.

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Featured Recipe: House Flavoured Nuts

26 April 2014

Large salted nuts in kilo bags flavoured with a variety of different seasonings.

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Featured Recipe: White Chocolate Cheesecake

19 April 2014

This cheesecake can be made in a mould, a jar, a glass, mug or large bowl and topped with fruit purees and fresh fruits, sorbet or chocolate sauce as pictured here with fresh raspberries and toasted honeyed oats. Using oats instead of the traditional digestive biscuit base makes this a wheat free pudding.

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Featured Recipe: Pork Belly and Haggis Croquettes

12 April 2014

These delicious croquettes are easy to prepare and make an unusual seasonal dish that is a warming light lunch, a great starter or tapas dish.

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Featured Recipe: Spotted Dick

05 April 2014

This old fashioned dessert is the ultimate comfort food. Serve it up with lashings of custard!

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