Pancake Day

Posted: 08 March 2011

Last week I told you that we had brewed a beer for Ballast Point. The beer has now been racked into casks ready for distribution to JD Wetherspoons, the beer is dark, 5.5%ABV fruity and malty. It is full bodied and packed with hops giving it a crisp bitterness and a floral aroma.


Today it's pancake day so I thought maybe a beer and food menu would be a good idea. This is not exactly gourmet dining, just something quick and easy after a hard day at work so if you are eating in tonight why not try one or two of the following suggestions for your supper.

    Served with
Starter: Pate on toast   Goldings
Main: Shepherds Pie, carrots & peas Spitfire
Desert: Pancakes sprinkled with sugar with a twist of lemon Early Bird


If you only want to have the one beer, make it the Early Bird with we think will go with the pancakes especially well!


Have a good evening,


David Holmes - Head Brewer

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